Chunguscoin is an meme based, opensource, decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency with a multipurpose design.

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What can Chunguscoin do?

Chunguscoin is a powerful multipurpose memecoin. Use as it a currency or utilize its advanced blockchain technology!

Custom tokens and contracts

You can create your own tokens in a safe and meme-friendly environment. No seriousness here!

Use it as a currency

Chunguscoin can be used as a decentralized currency with its extremely low fees. Let's stop trusting the bank and trust memes!

Fast blocktime

Chunguscoin has fast blocktime of 1 minute and a supply cap of 200 million.


How can I use Chungus as a currency?

You can use a wallet to store and send Chungus to your friends! Also you can exchange Chungus for personal goods, like how the currency is used around the world!

It is extremely easy to setup up a wallet! If you care about ease and want to access your coins anywhere, use our web wallet. If you value privacy, you can use the Chunguscoin Core wallet from GitHub.

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How can I use Chunguscoin's blockchain technology?

We are working on the brand new Chunguscoin binary which can be found in our GitHub. Instead of using different binaries to open the wallet or run RPC commands, our new single binary allows you to easily start a node, create a new token, and open the QT wallet. Stay tuned blockchain devs!

Coming soon...

Want to earn some coins?

Mining Chunguscoin allows you to verify transactions and secure our coin. We will reward you with coins for helping the Chungus community.

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Want to buy Chunguscoin?

You can buy Chunguscoin by trading fiat into Chunguscoin. You can also convert other cryptocurrency into Chunguscoin. We hope to list Chungus on multipe exchanges, but as of now you can use AtomicDEX. AtomicDEX allows you to store Chungus in a secure wallet and convert coins like Bitcoin into Chungus.

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